How To Get Bandicam For Free Full Version + New Updates! [Tutorial] (2016/2017)

Hey Guys, Reaper here.
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Today I show you how to get bandicam for free full version (2016 & 2017)... And it's very easy, you just have to follow every steps. Also, it's a new update version. The last year version , the bandicam crack file was terminated by the Bandicam Crew themselves.

People fluently asked a plenty of questions. And mostly are nonsense tbh. But anyway, let's start the Q&A..

Okay. It's Q&A time! Some people will ask numerous questions so. Before asking questions, you can read these Q&A first. (I probably won't reply to the specific questions have shown below if it's repetitive.) [I will not reply this kind of question again if it's relevant]

1) Q : You might ask how long does this project takes?
A : Good one. Gathering the clips & doing some research took me a day. Editing part took me almost a week. The video itself supposed to upload Last Sunday unfortunately there's inessential mistakes & insufficient edits, so it delayed till today. (12/6/16)

2) Q : Does it work on the previous "Bandicam" versions?
A : Nice one. The answer is yes. Why? The keygen has always updated and it's 100% working. No virus in it. (Btw, Norton sucks... no. I mean Antivirus sucks) [you don't even need those]

3) Q : How long does it take to download the installer?
A : Depends on your internet speed & how many people downloading my file in the website. (Usually takes 5~15 minutes)

4) Q : Are they have any virus? (They related to Files & Winrar)
A : No, I have scanned the files tons of times. And There's none of them in the file.If so, because this is a crack, so it detects to be a false positive. Btw, you don't have to "trust" antivirus, so turn off anti-virus before installing.

*I will try my best to read every single one of your comments!*

All The Download's Links
Bandicam Setup's Link

Mega -!pFFFCQhL (descryption key : !MTaiyhqLK5VHugi825Nm4EMAwgJw3MoWRgOzsp9JZ24)
Google drive -
Mediafire - (SHUT DOWN)
Dropbox -

Winrar (x86 [32 bit] /x64 [64 bit] )